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The Stanley reservoir to get safety, efficiency upgrade

A view of the Stanley reservoir in Mettur. —

The State has launched a massive exercise of improving the safety and operational efficiency of select dams with 80 per cent financial assistance from World Bank.

This ambitious project, named ‘Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project’ (DRIP), estimated to cost Rs.745.49 crore, is being executed in four phases and expected to be over in 6 years.

A total of 104 dams, being maintained by both the Water Resources wing of PWD and TNEB are being covered under this project, which has three major components — rehabilitation and improvement; safety and strengthening; and management.

While 66 PWD dams will be brought under the rehabilitation and management exercise for a sum of Rs.469.94 crore, the 38 TNEB-maintained dams will have a share of Rs.260.14 crore from the fund. It is proposed to carry out sedimentation studies in 60 dams including 45 PWD dams and 15 TNEB’s.

Agricultural Engineering Department will improve catchment areas of Krishnagiri Dam and Kundah reservoir in Nilgiris at a cost of Rs.15.41 crore. To monitor the project, a State Project Management Unit (SPMU) has been set up.

In a communiqué, PWD Secretary K. Dhanavel has pointed out that while the first two phases will have a total of 55 dams, the next two phases will cover 49 dams. The works include the treatment of leakage and reduction of seepage, if any, improvement of internal and external drainage and safety measures, installation of seepage measuring equipment, development of spillways, downstream spillways channels, head regulators and draw-off gates and enhancing the communication between dam and control offices.

The works on the Stanley reservoir in Mettur, which has been allotted a sum of about Rs.7 crore, will be taken up shortly.

A senior dam official told The Hindu that works such as the development and improvement of Ellis Saddle, the surplus weir of the dam and its hydraulic shutters would be taken up under the project.

Source: The Hindu


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