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SalemJilla Opinion Poll Results: New Poll Open

Hi People,

Here we closed the current Poll,  Here are the results,

Which Retail Business you think is Booming in Salem?
68           31.6%

53           24.7%

Nothing is Booming in Salem.
39           18.1%

25           11.6%

Super Market (incl Grocery, fruits, vegetables)
22           10.2%

4           1.9%

4           1.9%

Thanks for voting and visiting our site, we looking forward to your continued support!

Now the new poll is open please go ahead and cast your vote.

Question: Is share auto should be banned in our Salem City?


One Response to “SalemJilla Opinion Poll Results: New Poll Open”

  1. yes share auto should banned because they creating heactic traffic jam mostly those people driving two wheeler facing many problems.

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