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Educate Rural People on Jan Lokpal Bill

A prelude to a mass movement against corruption was organised here on Sunday in which people from different walks of life from Salem city enthusiastically took part, held discussions and formed a panel to fight the social evil at all levels.

Organised by Educational consultant Jayaprakash Gandhi, many came under the banner of ‘Be the change. The Nation will change,’ these socially conscious people, including many who run private educational institutions and others, discussed various issues related to the issue of corruption and stressed the need for strengthening the movement social worker Anna Hazare was leading.

The speakers also aired their views on the menace of corruption and insisted on the importance of educating the rural people about the need for a stringent act such as Jan Lokpal Bill and its necessity.

Over 350 people took part in the meeting in which a resolution also was passed. The resolution signed by all the people pointed out that the laws on corruption were archaic. It pointed out that the Bill had been introduced eight times in Parliament since 1968 but failed.

Political interference was said to be the reason behind it.

Source: The Hindu


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