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EGG Prices Drops Back in Namakkal

Price of egg that reached a record high of Rs. 3.02 on January 10 and remained at the same level till Tuesday dropped by 10 paise to stay at Rs. 2.92 on Wednesday. The decision was taken by the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) here on Wednesday. This reduction has only resulted in a mild fall in profitability of the nearly 1,000 poultry farmers of the Namakkal egg hub while it has in no way resulted in a loss, NECC Tamil Nadu Zone chairman Dr. P. Selvaraj told The Hindu.

Dr. Selvaraj reasoned that the rates had to be dropped with immediate effect following stagnation of more than 10 crore eggs during the Pongal season. Closure of government schools that accounts for 70 lakh eggs a day under the Nutritious Meal Scheme amounted for stagnation of 2.1 crore eggs while the Pongal and Makar Sankranti holidays led to stagnation of another eight crore eggs in the retail sector.

According to him it would take a week or more to clear the excess stock and prices could further reduce by 15 paise or 20 paise more during the same period, whereas there was no room for increasing its price in the near future. Daily production stood at three crore eggs and cannot be drastically reduced, Selvaraj added. Price of egg has also reduced in other NECC zones across the country.

Price in other zones is as follows: Mumbai – Rs. 3.24, Kolkatta – Rs. 3.18, New Delhi and Chennai – Rs. 3.05, Bangalore – Rs. 3, Hyderabad – Rs. 2.99, Vijayawada – Rs. 2.97, Barwalla – Rs. 2.96 and Mysore – Rs. 2.86. Prices in Kolkata and New Delhi have dropped 50 paise and 30 paise respectively to sustain the market.

On the other hand normalcy has started returning in the Northern States that accounted for sale of more than 20 lakh eggs a day because of prolonged extremely cold climate. “The North Indian seasonal market sale has dropped by 75 per cent and we supplied only 5 lakh eggs on Wednesday against the 20 lakh eggs a day in the previous week,” he said.

Steady increase in the price of egg from an average Rs. 2.52 in December to Rs. 3.02 till Tuesday is cited as another important factor that commendably reduced sale of eggs, which were seen as a viable replacement for vegetables over the last four weeks.

Poultry farmers said that they face a greater threat in the form of Thai Poosam where sale of eggs would come down heavily as most egg-lovers turn vegetarians during that festive season.



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