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SalemJilla Opinion Poll: District Bifurcation Poll Results- New Poll Open

Hi Salemites,

Based on recent talk and some shout from Political and other group of people, demanding for a New district with Mettur as headquarters bifurcated from salem. We thought of finding out the pulse among ourselves on this issue. Here are the results we’ve got.

Question:What is your Opinion on Bifurcation Demand of Salem into New Mettur District?

80.2% of people said No, i do not agree Salem to be Bifurcated
19.1%of People said Yes, i agree for New Mettur District
0.8% of people said No Idea.

Now to the new poll.

We all know, Salem is the well connected city to Chennai through all modes of transport. Let us find out how many like which mode of transport. The poll is open in Homepage. Go Ahead and cast you vote. This Poll will be closed on 10.10.10.


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