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North India Winter Boosts Demand for Namakkal Eggs

Cold weather in the northern India has turned hot for the southern poultry farmers. Following a spurt in the demand for eggs in these areas, the prices of the commodity too are on the upswing.

The early onset of winter in the northern India has increased the egg demand by about 10-15 per cent ahead of the season, and also pushed up egg prices” said Mr A. Mohan Reddy, Chennai zonal chairman of National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC).

Egg prices, which were in the range of `2.25-2.35 per egg last week, have gone up to `2.43 per egg this week. At the retail level, however, the prices are ruling at `2.75/egg as against `2.50/egg last week.

Tamil Nadu produces about 3.15 crore eggs daily. Of which, more than 50 per cent is consumed within the state. While 10 per cent of this is exported to Arab countries, the rest caters Madhya Pradesh, UP, West Bengal and Maharashtra.

Typically, the months of Ganesh Chaturthi and Ramzan witness a dip in egg sales, especially in the north. In the south, the demand stays dull till mid-January owing to the beginning of Hindu fasting seasons. “However, the early onset of winter in the north and the five eggs scheme in schools spurred the dema-nd,” said Selvaraj, NECC Namakkal zone chairman.

Source: Deccan Chronicle


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