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SalemJilla Opinion Poll: Salem Day Poll Results – New Poll Open

Dear Salemites,

We have now closed the Salem Day Question Poll,  and we are happy that most have them are aware of Salem Day and when it is celebrated.

The Results of the question poll, WHEN DO YOU THINK SALEM DAY IS CELEBRATED? are as follows,

October 1- 23.2%
November 1 – 60.7%
December 1 – 8.9%
February 1 – 7.1%

as the poll says most of them have answered November 1 is the Salem Day, and that is the right answer. But we are still concerned about the 39% people, who are not aware of when salem day is celebrated. Come on People keep visiting, you won’t be unaware of anything about Salem City.

Now to the New Poll,

We all know in recent days, there is a shout from Political and other group of people, demanding for a New district with Mettur as headquarters bifurcated from salem. Lets find out the pulse from among us. The poll is now Open in SalemJilla Homepage, just go and cast your vote.
The Poll will be closed on 26.09.2010.


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