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Public Oppose Omalur Toll Collection

Political parties, transport operators and the general public have strongly condemned the ‘exorbitant’ toll collection at the private-run toll plaza located near Periyar University in Salem city on the National Highways 7 and demanded its immediate relocation.

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) organized a meeting to seek public views on the issue here on Saturday.

Presided over by its Chief General Manager, NHAI, S Jaswandh Kumar, the meeting saw some heated arguments in which people from all walks of life voiced their opposition to toll collection in one voice.

They pointed out that the very location of the toll plaza was against the rule and even for a shorter distance of merely 9 km, one was forced to pay toll for about 68 km.

“It is arbitrary and anti-people,” they claimed.

AIADMK’s Salem MP S. Semmalai, PMK’s Omalur MLA Tamilarasu and representatives from various political parties including CPI (M) took part in the meeting.

They also demanded that a separate road be laid skipping the plaza.

NHAI official while summing up the session said that he would convey their suggestions and views on the issue to the authorities concerned.



2 Responses to “Public Oppose Omalur Toll Collection”

  1. Toll located in bangalore highways near periyar university has to be relocated in namakkal highway,for which they are collecting toll for people travelling towards bangalore from salem.when approached the toll collectors say they are helpless as the authorities have to be questioned and seems inspite of objection raised by the local MP,general public. no action have been taken.
    Can NHAI authorities open their ears and do some good for the general public who are affected the most.
    thank you

  2. yes well said. its shoud be relocated asap.
    but they are not collecting tolls from the local vehicles(TN 30 or 54 registration) nowadays.

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